Market Houses

 are a notable feature of many Irish towns with varying styles of architecture, size and ornamentation. They are usually located at the centre of the town or village at which at one stage a market of  animals and produce was held. An upper floor was often used as a courthouse or ballroom while the cellar or basement was often used as a local gaol.

Today most of the Market Houses in Ireland have been put to use as cultural venues, business premises, town halls or have been left derelict pending development as is the case in Piltown. Many are listed as protected structures while very few very have been demolished in recent times due to a new found architectural, historical and social appreciation

The Piltown Market House

It is a handsome market house erected at the expense of the Earl of Bessborough in 1848 and appropriated to the use of the Roman Catholic day-school, the Protestant Sunday-school and all public meetings.   Having been well maintained, the elementary form has survived intact together with substantial quantities of the original fabric, both to the exterior and to the restrained interior

Kilkenny County Council have commenced the tender process for the development of a Remote Working Hub in part of the existing Garda Station.  A grant to fund 90% of the cost has been awarded to Kilkenny County Council  under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund 2021/2022. 

The old Garda Station will be completely renovated by Kilkenny County Council. Once complete it will revert to The Market House and become a modern Remote Working Hub  managed by Piltown Community Enterprise.

The renovations have already begun and when completed in the Autumn of 2023  it will further enhance the village centre.  This development will make a pleasing visual statement in the Piltown village street scene and an important feature in the further planned development.



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The new Market House Hub is a joint project promoted by Kilkenny County Council and Piltown Community Enterprise. It marks another milestone in the co-operation between Kilkenny County Council and PCE who this this year celebrate  36 years of service to the community


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