Community Enterprise


Supporting business and encouraging start-ups

"To create, promote and develop a culture of enterprise in our community , by providing support, facilities, infrastructure and the environment to encourage business development and job creation in start-up and small businesses"

It all began.....

Was a derelict site in the center of Piltown village…..

And now…..


 completed February 2019,  consists of a further 2,580 sq. ft for the creation of jobs in our locality.

  We now have five units of various sizes which are designed to assist 

the development of business start-ups and employment growth in our area.

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Piltown Community Enterprise

In 1987 Piltown GAA decided to run a ‘Start Your Own Business’ competition, and a  committee chaired by the late John O’Shea was formed and  Piltown Community Enterprise was established. The voluntary committee was drawn from other local groups and organisations in the parish with a wide range of experiences and skills. Over the past 36 years it has completed many projects which have been of benefit to the locality. 

Recently work has begun on the Restructuring and Refurbishment of Piltown Garda Station by Kilkenny County Council under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund 2021/2022. It will accommodate a new Remote working HUB for the Piltown area and  an operational Garda Station. The Hub will open in Autumn 2023.




Piltown Community Enterprise  are very grateful to the Piltown Credit Union for their support over the years. 

Their  Cheque of €10,000 is most welcome and will be a big help in meeting PCE’s  contribution to the Market House project.

Current Projects

Old Creamery Enterprise centre

THE OLD CREAMERY ENTERPRISE CENTRE was completed in February 2019. This consists of 5,580 sq. ft for the creation of jobs in our locality. We now have five units of various sizes which were designed to assist the development of business start-ups and growth in our area

The Market House

Kilkenny County Council have completed the tender process for the development of a Remote Working Hub in part of the existing The Market House(Garda Station).

  A grant to fund 90% of the cost has been awarded to Kilkenny County Council  under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund 2021/2022.

The  work  on the Restructuring and Refurbishment to accommodate a new Remote working HUB will commence in October and the old Garda Station will be completely renovated by Kilkenny County Council.

The Hub will have Flexible and designated desks and a number of offices available for rent.  Once complete it will revert to The Market House and become a modern Remote Working Hub. 

Construction commencing October 2023


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Facilitated Projects

Over the past 36 years we have been involved in many projects and local developments. Many  have been  facilitated with other organisations to the  benefit of the parish. Here are just some of the more recent. 

Pil River Park
Work in progress

Pil River  Park and Playground is a welcome addition to the village and a perfect meeting point for many families within the area and beyond. This  amenity is long overdue and is being enjoyed by many families from Piltown and beyond. Local support has been a major part of the success this project. The big event ‘The OsKars’ was an outstanding financial success in the fundraising.

What we DO

A short list of some of our activities


  • Fiddown Enterprise Centre
  • The Old Creamery Enterprise Centre
  • Piltown Business and Services Directory 2017,2020
  • Town of Food entry
  • Start Your Own Business Competition
  • Broadband Up-grade
  • The Market House Development
  • Between the Bridges Project


  • Better Broadband for Piltown 
  • Pill River Park
  • Enterprise Office
  • Village Renewal Scheme
  • Annual Craft Fair
  • Antiques Roadshow
  • Piltown Does Strictly
  • Clay Pigeon Shoot
  • Parish Plan
  • Piltown Connect
  •  Newsletters
  • Budget Seminars
  • Social media courses
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Starting and Developing a Business
  • Business Budgeting
  • Marketing and Business


Unit to let on Piltown
Unit 5 on right of picture
We need more help  to further some of our projects, such as the Remote working Hub, Better Broadband etc, If you would like to help please  contact us. 

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