Creamery Enterprise Centre

Phase one of the Old Creamery Enterprise Centre is now complete and the 3 units are occupied. What was once a derelict eye-sore is now a welcome feature in the village, restoring business activity and employment to the site. If you would like more information please Contact Us.

  • Design

    We incorporated the original creamery and chimney in our planning to keep the old tradition.
  • Location

    An un-rivaled location on the bank of the river Pil and located in the centre of Piltown with ample parking.

  • Interior

    The interior offers three industrial start-up units, two on the ground floor and one at second floor level.

The Journey so far

The preliminary meeting to set up a Co-Op in Piltown was held on 25th January 1900 and it was registered with the Irish Agricultural Organisation Society Ltd in May 1900. It was worked by a coal fired steam engine. Excess electricity generated at the creamery was used for public lighting in the centre of the village.
Butter churned at Piltown Creamery was transported by boats down the rivers Pill and Suir to Waterford and from there to Fishguard and the British market.
In 1973 Piltown Agricultural and Dairy Co-operative Society ceased to be an independent business when it joined with Avonmore Creameries and milk was sent to Miloko Carrick-on-Suir to manufacture chocolate crumb.
More detailed information on the creamery can be found in  A Hundred Years of Piltown Co-Operative and its Branches. Author: Mary O Shea

Funding to date
  • Help and generosity of local businesses
  • Kilkenny Leader Partnership grant
  • Fundraising projects such as the Festival of Motorsport, Christmas Craft Fair etc
  • Business Donations
  • Individual donations
  • Bank overdraft
Present Position
  • Old Creamery restored
  • Derelict site rejuvenated
  • 3 incubation units complete
  • Three units occupied
  • Potential for 10/15 jobs
  • Phase 2 planning approved
  • Phase 2 Building work commenced
The Future

We are now proceeding with phase 2 of the project and expect to have it completed later this year..
. We appreciate that it will need further finance to be raised, but with everyone’s help and support, we are confident the goal can be reached and enable the project to move forwarded.


And the Reward

The rewards will be worth the effort. As with any development, the Old Creamery Enterprise Centre will lead to an increase in commercial and social activity around the village, which in turn will lead to further development and spin-off activity. This is an important step in the history of Piltown.

It represents our future